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 We’ll have uploaded the full electronic issue of MC#6 (Click here). We’ve also uploaded the individual MC#6 articles themselves: take a look at the latest developments (click here) on the brothers locked up in Venezuela; when will they be released?
- Explore the 12-paged MC to find out what role our local media plays in Islamophobia (and are they justified?) in Abu Safiur Rahman’s “Between the News and a Hard Place” and are ISIS are similar groups benefiting Muslim minority groups? And don’t miss our number-crunching special feature where you will learn quite a bit about how add up as a community in T&T .
- Members of the Islamic Da’wah Movement and the ROU cover their respective efforts in the win-win combination, da’wah and feeding the poor.
-What do members of Muslim and non-Muslim communities of T&T think about terrorist threats coming from inside of twin Islands? See our “Talk to Us” section.



– The Muslim Chronicle’s Aliyyah Abdullah writes an inspiring story about Halimah Mohammed, her tragic demise and how “Halimah’s Helping Hands” continues to be successful.



– On page 11, IDM’s president, Amir Mohammed pens a great piece in helping us to treat a disease we all suffer from!



These…and many more in the long-awaited MC#6!


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