A.S.J.A Region B’s First Youth Conference

A.S.J.A Region B’s First Youth Conference

By Salahudeen Mohammed



On the 12th of April 2015, the A.S.J.A Region B hosted its first annual youth conference in Junun Street Masjid Hall in Point Lisas. This conference, attended by over 50 participants from within Region B, (which extends from Charlieville to Macaulay) attracted members from Charlieville, Enterprise, Calcutta, Carapichaima, Claxton Bay, Couva, Preysal, Macaulay, Phoenix Park, Orange Valley, Sum Sum Hill, Balmain and Pt. Lisas. It was organised to give the young members from the region the opportunity to voice their opinions on challenges faced in their mosques, particularly, dwindling youth involvement.

Presentations were made on the topics “What Islam means to me”, “Modern Challenges facing Muslim youths” and “Misconceptions in Islam.” The presenters were Nazeer Hosein of the Preysal Jama’at, Salahudeen Mohammed of the Markaz Mosque in Charlieville, and Shazana Hosein of Preysal Mosque. The presentations were well received by all in attendance, and the feedback sessions following the presentations generated many suggestions for engaging the youth and for follow-up sessions.

Refreshments and lunch were served using biodegradable plates and all plastics were collected to be properly recycled as part of the ‘Green Deen’ initiative spearheaded by Ada Mohammed of the Claxton Bay Mosque.

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