Leading by Example – the ROU ‘Feed the Needy’ Initiative

By Farah Ali



Feed the Needy, a programme spearheaded by the Revival of the Ummah (ROU), spent the last six months donating food and clothing to impoverished families across Trinidad. ROU’s first Social Outreach, which started in Ramadhan 2015, touched at least 1200 families in some way or another, be it food hampers, clothing or education materials. Mosques throughout Trinidad including Nur E Islam and Charlieville Highway Mosque served as distribution points for clothing where at least eight hundred bags of clothing were donated. Tee Jay Supermarket on Munroe Road assisted by putting together food hampers ranging from $100.00 to $500.00.

During the month of Ramadhan, ROU volunteers lead by Abdelrahman Hosein, President of ROU, visited Masjid-ul-Hidayya in Cedros with the assistance of Brother Zahir Imamudeen, one of the founding members of the mosque, Sangre Grande ASJA Mosque, Mayaro Asja Mosque and the Barrakpore Islamic Centre. Roughly 300 families in total received food hampers and clothing.



In September 2015, the volunteers visited various districts of Moruga including La Lune and Preau, as well as several homes throughout the community. ROU volunteer and Feed the Needy leader Safiyyah Shah recalls the experience as fulfilling and heart-breaking. “It saddened me to meet families with homes that barely stood up, no food in their broken fridges and children with no other clothes but their school uniform. I therefore urge the Muslim youth to visit their communities and help those who lack the basics of life. This could be your chance to make a positive change within yourself and our society.”

On the visit to Cumana Village Toco, ROU volunteers spent time with the members of the small Muslim community there distributing clothing, food hampers and education materials. In total, fifteen individuals accepted Islam. Amenities in the Toco area are distant and transportation can be a challenge. The ROU volunteers received donated bicycles to distribute among the members of the Toco masjid. They continue to assist in Toco’s sustainable development with the construction of an animal shed and planting crops.



An account has been created at Azad Abass Ali Hardware for those wishing to donate funds that will go towards building and repairing homes of needy families. The ROU’s most recent activity, coordinated by Feed the Needy leader Brother Asad Yacoobali includes the construction of a house in Rousillac. After several site visits and assessments were conducted, Azad Abass Ali Hardware supplied the materials necessary and some of the volunteers built the house themselves, ensuring the work took place immediately. Yacoobali says, “We’re working with the Imams to improve the living conditions of Muslims and Non-Muslims here in Trinidad and Tobago, and spread the Message of this Deen (faith) in best manner possible.”

What’s next for ROU Feed the Needy? Abdelrahman says, “By the help of Allah, ROU’s Feed the Needy Program has been very successful in helping the plight of the poor of our communities. One of the main reasons for the success of this program is its structure and the dedication of its members. We all need to do our part to fight Islamophobia, and what better way than leading by example and showing the community that Muslims are peaceful and loving contributors to society.”

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